Fara Group’s values are shaped by maintaining Western standards of professionalism while working in societies where rule of law is often weak. These values unite our organization and serve as the foundation for our code of conduct and daily decision-making.

In an environment where contracts are often unenforceable by courts, relationships become the paramount means to ensure that promises are kept. For us, trust does not mean fulfilling contractual obligations, but is about consistently prioritizing the best interest of our clients.

We always stay within the rule of law; however, we also acknowledge that when the courts are imperfect, justice requires knowing how to leverage other factors.

Fara Group is driven by innovation. This has fueled our willingness to continually accept unconventional challenges and has shaped us into a creative, agile and contemporary organization.

Fara Group’s multi-cultural and multi-national team of professionals come from a diverse set of backgrounds. Our team of experts have proven crucial to innovation and the development of new ideas. Our cultural adaptability allows us to effectively communicate, motivate, and manage across countries, languages and cultures.

We have a flair for entrepreneurship and a desire to take calculated risks. Boldness is a precondition for the jurisdictions where we work and the adversities we confront on behalf of our clients.

All levels of Fara Group and its subcontractors have been trained to be vigilant in protecting confidentiality as demanded by the often-sensitive nature of our work. We ensure compliance through carefully crafted processes and an engrained culture of loyalty in our organization.