Armed with a holistic sensitivity to currents that define commercial success in complex markets, we implement contrarian strategies to overcome challenges in situations where contracts are often not enforceable through the legal system. We harness our experience and relationships to benefit our clients.

Fara Group’s two decades of experience gives us critical insight into complex jurisdictions. Our team of experts are diverse, and they collaborate to bring unique and compelling advantages to our clients.

Our team leaders have strong professional backgrounds and are experienced in overseas assignments. They bring a wealth of critical relationships and key insights to every engagement. More than half of our staff are native Arabic speakers located in Turkey and the larger MENA region.

Just as Istanbul – one of Fara Group’s initial base locations – is often referred to as a bridge between East and West, we bridge the gap to bring finance and technology to the emerging world. Our success is founded on strong relationships, on-the-ground presence, and continued compliance with international standards.